Have To Hold Garage Door Button To Close

Mon, Feb 17, 2003

Garage doors

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Craftsman Garage Door Opener Won't Close Automatically – FixYa

I can open my garage door with the remote just fine, but it will not close the door. When I try to close it from the button inside the garage I have to hold it down… Read source detail

My Garage Door Will Not Close All The Way Unless I Hold The Button

Best Answer: If there is nothing interfering with the door than the door needs a small adjustment on the setup generally on the back of the motor housing… Full webpage

Why Do I Have To Hold The Button Down On My Controls To Close The

Why do I have to hold the button down on my controls to close the garage door opener? I have a Craftsman garage door opener model number 139.53910D… Full detail

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Have To Hold Button To Shut Garage Door -why? – DoItYourself.com

For the past week, I have had to hold the open button in the garage, or the enter button on the outside keypad to close the door all the way. If I just press the buttonLink to full website

Why Do I Have To Keep The Button Held Down To Get My Garage Door

When you continuously hold down the close button in the garage you are over … Why do I have to keep the button held down to get my garage door to close?… Original site

Genie Garage Door Will Open But You Have To Hold The Button For It

Genie Garage door opener – opens fine, won't shut? To close my garage door you have to hold down the button in… garage door problems- wont shut sometimes?… Find source version

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Have To Hold Button Down To Close Door In Cold Weather – FixYa

Have to hold button down to close door in cold weather I have the Chamberlain HBW0777 made 9/94 and as soon as the weather gets a little cold the garage door doesn?t… Find full page

The Door Will Only Close When I Hold The Button In On The Garage

Askville Question: The door will only close when I hold the button in on the garage wall. If I release before closing all th : Home Improvement… Read full page

Garage Door Won't Close Unless I Keep The Button Pushed In

To get it to close I have to hold the button in until it gets to the bottom. Is this something I can fix without calling a garage door guy?… Read original website

Garage Door Roller

Welcome To GarageButler.com – Your Automatic Garage Door Closer Source

Light sensor, closes the garage door when it gets dark. Hold button, when pressed the butler will not close after 3 or 30 minutes. The green light will be a solid green… Read source website

Garage Door Won't Close Unless I Press And Hold… – DoItYourself

I have this weird garage door problem once a while – it won't close unless I press the wall-mounted switch and HOLD it until it all the way closed. If… Full detail

Garage Door Only Closes When I Hold Down The Button On The Wall

Opener works if I hold the button down continually but remote closer will not close It will open but will not … safety sensors, located on each side of your Garage DoorLink to original detail

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Why Do I Have To Hold Down The Wall Button To Close My Garage Door?

It sounds like your photo sensors are not aligned, you might want to check those first. See if you have a blinking light on one side, you have to move them until you… Read full detail

I Have To Hold The Console Button For My Craftsman Garage Door

2 Responses to "I have to hold the console button for my craftsman garage door opener to close but it goes up fine. DT Thanks"… Full writing

My Sears Garage Door Opener Does Not Close, Unless I Hold Down The

3 Responses to "my sears garage door opener does not close, unless i hold down the button. it still opens with a touch of the?"… Find original version

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Garage Door Won't Close Unless Button Is Held. – Garages/Workshops

GardenWeb – The Internet's Garden Community … My garage door will open by just pressing the button once but to close it, I have to hold in the button until it… Link to source detail

Genie Garage Door Will Open But You Have To Hold The Button For It

GENIE GARAGE DOOR OPENER HAVE TO HOLD DOWN BUTTON TO CLOSE; garage door only opens if I hold the button; garage door only opens if you hold down the buttonFind full text


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  1. _lessthanthreee says:

    I open my garage door and theres a huge fucking cat chillin in my drive way -.- gtfo you don’t pay rent!

  2. KayReneeD3 says:

    @ParanoidHabits: @ParanoidHabits: Watch garage door as it closes. Just to make sure the murderer can’t roll under at the last second.

  3. StormieMcDonald says:

    So I got home from church and these were left by my garage door with no note attached..uhm..? http://t.co/YbuoqneX

  4. _ILoveAustin says:

    And I did a spiderman kiss before like a legit one … I was hanging off my garage door

  5. builders_pal says:

    #home Re-aligning garage door — keeps coming down crooked: I’ve got a center sprint mounted automatic garage do… http://t.co/sQWVQ5La

  6. Doliver219 says:

    @lifehacker: Garage door openers are lame. Open your garage with Siri instead: http://t.co/fFrG8F0P

  7. annievp13 says:

    In celebration of my brother fixing my garage door, I bought new shoes. Made sense to me.

  8. Trevor_04 says:

    “@HoustonColten: A damn bird just ran into my garage window.

  9. MaggieSharp12 says:

    Garage Door Service Thrall TX – http://t.co/OaQMPSMpNp http://t.co/jlqrZo3zmY

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